Decoding alice18
"Alices with dreams grew up to become women with vision..her pursuits turned into experiences that shaped her personality beyond norms and cliche. She is a complex blend of choices between "vows and ventures"," abandon and restrain", "being and becoming" and "conforming and reforming".
Sunshine mixed with a little bit of hurricane...

The modern woman loves to wear clothing that defines her choices. She is well-travelled and exposed to cultures beyond her own. She is continuously evolving, her taste is an acquired one; a unique blend of everything she saw and liked as she traveled around the world creating, campaigning, shattering glass ceilings, and winning our hearts!

We want to make clothing as creative as her choices and as fluid as her journey.

Drawing inspiration from global trends in art, culture, and fashion, we want to

create contemporary global clothing that can blend seamlessly into the lifestyle of the women of our times..

Between wine sips and high heels...

We focus on the concept of 9-to-wine dressing while creating our looks..

In times when the day starts in the boardroom and ends in a cocktail and dinner,

the city traffic and long routes don't leave room for anything more than a make-up retouch in the car. Women need clothes that they can comfortably work and party in later..

alice 18 looks are designed to make women feel comfortably stylish at work and then carry it with unmistakable sass into a relaxed evening with friends


Quirky, colourful and fabulous

For days when coffee isn't enough ..

we make clothes that have a positive, happy vibe,

add a touch of quirk to liven things up and take extra attention to fabric and detail that makes you feel flattered, pampered and fabulous


Style beyond size

Clothes won't change the world..but the woman who wears

them we choose to be flexible!

In case you don't find your size in our offering, we are

ready to customise.



Comfort before convention

We design our outfits keeping in mind

the extra slice of pizza u binged on last night..!

Comfort waistlines & easy silhouettes take care of a bloated tummy

with stylish ease; kimonos, scarves, and jackets are added with outfits that

otherwise don't see the light of the day

during the holiday feasting season.


Keep being Alice...keep living the life of your dreams..!